Tour of Warner Brothers

People are always interested in making a movies, creating a rewarding stories, and first of all, how movies and where they are made. Today, we came to visit Warner Brothers, and see how they make movies, tv shows and all the classic stories from the movie world. Here is some pictures, take a look and enjoy!

It’s interesting to say, all of the cars are working properly, even the lights are working.

Sculptures from movie Matrix.

This room has been changed so many times and used very often.

Since the world famous tv show “Friends” was ended, the whole interior was moved to the museum, in order to save this legendary place.

There is an interesting story behind the coffee maker. No one knew how to use it. One guy from temporary staff , knew, and from now on he became a guy who makes coffee.

Their streets. They have all the props needed.

This building was school, city hall and firefighters house.

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