Jul 15, 2009

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Top 21 Best Gangster Movies

When you think of concepts that define “American”, things like baseball, apple pie, muscle cars spring to mind. Well another category has to be included and that is the classic American gangster film. Therefore, we have come up with a list of essential films that transcend to the top of this genre of film.

20. The Untouchables

Brings a whole new meaning to “batting clean-up”. Some of the scenes were laughable — much like Connery’s ATTEMPT AT AN (Does that clear it? He was playing an Irish character) English Irish Accent — (thanks Josh), but the movie was shot well and DeNiro was excellent as usual. Al Capone is a not only a legend in mafia lore but also an icon that exemplified the American Dream, albeit through violent and illicit means. Nevertheless, he captured the imagination of the American public and this movie maybe be the best portrayal of the man they called “Scarface”.

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  1. Loves to Spooge says:

    Great list, although I’m not sure I would have gone with Godfather III… Also, Brad Pitt in Snatch is an Irish accent, not cockney. Cockney is a London accent. It may not be much here, but if you said it in Ireland you may get a lot of attention from the people that inspired Pitt’s character…

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  3. Tonya Woloszczak says:

    I love Robert De Niro, he’s the best actor out there! I never liked Taxi Driver as a movie, but De Niro was amazing as an actor there!

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