May 31, 2013

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The 20 Best Behind The Scenes Movie Photos

Have you ever wondered what is going on on the movie set, behind the cameras and behind the scenes? We always wanted to know that, and fortunately, we have some movie photos that are showing us what actors are doing during their breaks. Some of these photos are really legendary, and they are worth seeing, and kudos to the person who took it! There are a lot of movies, and a lot of scenes that are so interesting, and so many actors doing their jobs, which is interesting. So, if you are a movie fan, and you enjoy in interesting movies, this is the right page for you. Take a look at these behind the scenes, and enjoy!


Rear Window

Nice Guys

Rebel Without A Cause


House On Haunted Hill



2001: A Space Odyssey

Planet of the Apes

The Godfather



The Rocky Horror Picture Show

All the President’s Men

Taxi Driver

Apocalypse Now

A Nightmare on Elm Street


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Sixteen Candles

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