Sep 25, 2010

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Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

The things we do for the sake of art? Hollywood star for this, or lose weight or gain weight insert artificial teeth. Take a look!

Movie Stars1 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

1. In the movie “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” charming Jake Gyllenhaal appeared before us in the image of the young Prince Dastan – hero, willing to lay on the two blades of any villain, got in his way. For this role, the actor fairly put on weight and build muscle. However, the actor, who, incidentally, always getting any of the role of intelligent demure, not the first who radically changed his appearance for the desired role. Before him, it was possible for many stars of dreamland. (Disney)

Movie Stars2 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

2. Brad Pitt: “Troy.” To: Brad Pitt has always been handsome, and his role increased the effect produced by his appearance. In mid-2000′s, he made a career as a talented actor, who starred in such films as “Fight Club” (1999) and “Ocean’s 11″ (2001). After: The role of Achilles, the actor gained nearly 10 pounds of muscle and grew her hair so that they can effectively develop in the wind while riding a horse. He looked so tempting in armor and helmet that countless fitness clubs still consider it a training course right path to success. (Everett Collection)

Movie Stars3 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

3. Robert De Niro: Raging Bull To: Robert De Niro was one of the greatest actors of his time, playing the role of tough men with a slight touch of romance in such films as “The Deer Hunter (1978) and” The Godfather: Novella for Television “(1977). After: for the role of the famous boxer in the middleweight champion Jake La Motta in the biographical film “Raging Bull” (1980) De Niro had to develop my body in two completely different directions. First, the actor sat on a diet and pumped up muscles to perform the role of boxing champion at the top of his career. Then he had to gain about 30 kg of weight to play a boxer many years after his retirement from professional sport. (Everettt Collection)

Movie Stars4 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

4. Will Smith: “Ali.” To: Will Smith began his film career with roles lanky joker in the series “The Prince of Beverly Hills.” Later, leaving his musical creativity, Smith went into a great movie, singing, among other things, the role of attorney and a golfer. Tall, attractive and very thin, the actor was far from the image of the king of the ring, Mohammed Ali. After: When Will Smith won the role of Muhammad Ali in the biographical film “Ali” (2001), the actor began a course of grueling training, which includes a daily 5-kilometer jogging, boxing, weightlifting and, of course, watching boxing matches on the night. The result was stunning: In 2002, former star of the sit-com has been nominated for an Oscar for her performance as the king of the ring. (Peter Brandt, Getty Images)

Movie Stars5 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

5. George Clooney: “Syriana.” To: Sure, George Clooney – the sexiest actor in Hollywood. And there are reasons. He was always clean-shaven, elegantly dressed, and what are his suave manner and incredible charisma. That he was so women all over the world in the TV series “ER” and later in the film “Three Kings” and “Ocean’s 11″. After: The role of CIA veteran Robert Barnes Clooney scored 20 pounds and grew a beard. According to him, his purpose was “to become unremarkable – a difficult task for one of the most desirable men in Hollywood. (Warner Bros.)

Movie Stars6 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

6. Renee Zellweger: Bridget Jones’s Diary. ” Up to: elegant native of Texas, Zellweger was famous for his role as a humble assistant of Tom Cruise in the movie “Jerry Maguire” (1996). In those years, the actress sang bit parts cuties in movies such as “Shop” Empire “and” Reality Bites “. After: typing 10 kg and smoke countless cigarettes, Zellweger has turned himself into an awkward, suffering from unrequited love, but infinitely sweet and touching Bridget Jones – the heroine of the eponymous bestseller. This transformation has brought actress Oscar nomination, and millions of fans around the world. (Universal Pictures)

Movie Stars7 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

7. Christian Bale: “Machinist.” To: Sexual appearance and ability to handle weapons brought Christian Bale variety of roles: from the killer in an attempt to overthrow the fascist government (“Equilibrium” 2002) to a snobby Californian, disaffected bohemian life of his mother (“Laurel Canyon” 2002). After: for the role of insomniac machinist in the same psychological thriller Bale lost 30 kg. The actor was so depleted of its diet consisting only of coffee, and apples that the producers did not allow him to achieve his main goal – to become emaciated condition of the skeleton.

Movie Stars8 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

8. Charlize Theron: “Monster.” Before: Before you come into the world of cinema, a slender beauty from South African Charlize Theron was a ballerina and model. She earned her international fame by playing smart women in such films as “The Cider House Rules” (1999) and “The Devil’s Advocate” (1997). After: Theron has become almost unrecognizable, reincarnated in Eileen Uornos, prostitute killer, sentenced to death. The actress has recovered to 15 pounds and wore false teeth. In addition to other kinonagrad, this role earned her the coveted Oscar. (Newmarket Films)

Movie Stars9 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

9. Ben Kingsley: “Gandhi.” To: Participating in the Royal Shakespeare Company productions and filming in the British soap opera “Coronation Street”, Englishman Ben Kingsley masterfully acted as the role of businessmen and dramatic roles. The actor changed his name given him at birth to something more appropriate for the stage, in the words of his father. After: The Oscar-winning role of the Indian pacifist, who arranged a hunger strike, representing the interests of society, Kingsley has lost dozens of pounds, has read about 20 works of Gandhi and yoga and meditation. (Everett Collection)

Movie Stars10 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

10. Taylor Lautner: Twilight. Saga. New Moon. ” Before: Before becoming a friend of Bella Swan in “Twilight”, Taylor Lautner starred in such fairy tales as “Cheaper by the Dozen 2″ (2005) and “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D¬Ľ (2005). His angelic appearance and a Hollywood smile brought him fame among the female population of the planet at the age of 5 and 16. After: In the continuation of the “Twilight” Jacob is a werewolf, joins an ancient clan, and finally becomes a man. To preserve the role, the actor went to the gym 7 days a week and scored almost 15 pounds of muscle. Regained form allowed Lautner to play Jacob, not only in other parts of the saga, but shoot for the cover of Rolling Stone. “

Movie Stars11 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

11. Matt Damon: “The Informers”. To: Actor Matt Damon, included in a list of the sexiest people on the planet magazine “People”, has always tried to maintain a slender figure and a decent mountain of muscle to play the role of the brave guy Jason Bourne, and one of Ocean’s. After: The role of the informant Mark Whitaker actor had to gain 15 kg, eating everything in its path, according to him, “was very funny.” After he supplemented his image with artificial whiskers, the model hair and glasses. (Warner Bros.)

Movie Stars12 Stars Who Changed His Body For The Sake Of Filming

12. Jared Leto: “Chapter 27″. To: Jared detonation won the love of women around the world for his role as bad boy in the TV series “My So-Called Life” (1994). Today, he is also popular, as 15 years ago, only this time as leader of the band 30 Seconds to Mars, in the form of sexual rock star with a slight touch of emo subculture. After: To play Mark David Chapman in the independent film, which tells about the murderer of John Lennon, Summer shaved all facial hair, wore glasses and scored more than 30 kg. This weight gain was worth the actor move freely – while filming, he went to a wheelchair because he could not walk by himself. Despite the fact that an independent film, released in rent in 2007, received a different evaluation of the critics, Leto was able to prove their devotion to work. (Arnaldo Magnani, Getty Images)

  1. what about Tom Hanks who gained 50 pounds for The Green Mile, then lost the 50 and 25 more for Stranded?

  2. I think there is no compare of Brad Pitt, what he has done in Try, excellent film and handsome hero.

  3. Jack Lucky says:

    Tom Hanks gained fifty pounds during pre-production to make him look like a pudgy, middle-aged man. After a majority of the film was shot, production was halted for a year so that he could lose the weight and grow his hair and beard to look like he had been living on the island for years.

  4. Clarice Sain says:

    well i had to leave a comment to say merry xmas!! happy holidays all

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