Jan 8, 2014

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Popular poker scenes from the movies

Even those who never set foot inside a casino can enjoy watching a good movie poker scene – whether it is played for laughs or for thrills. These are some that rank as particularly memorable examples.


The Sting


Everyone loves this 1920s era caper movie starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman (actually that’s probably not the case – but those who don’t are wrong). There are loads of classic scenes throughout it, but the poker cheating on the train is one of the best – although don’t watch it to pick up tips.



This 1990 Martin Scorsese movie has lots of casino scenes, but they usually involve violence and Joe Pesci swearing rather than actual gambling. There is a poker scene though, with Pesci’s Tommy DeVito stealing the scene and it results in another character being killed – so you still get all the swearing and violence you could want.

Cool Hand Luke


While Paul Newman has already featured once in this list, it’s impossible not include the poker scene from this 1967 film. This scene features the most ridiculous bluff ever witnessed, as Luke wins despite holding a hand worth absolutely nothing. He then delivers the “nothin’ can be a real cool hand” line that provides him with his nickname. (To be fair he could just as easily have ended up being called Egg Challenge Luke).

Training Day


This 2001 thriller which cast Denzel Washington against type as a corrupt narcotics cop, but this scene is all about his rookie colleague Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) taking on a bunch of drug dealers from South America in the world’s least inviting ‘friendly’ match. The scene is all about their attempts to intimidate him, and his attempts not to let them, making it a great tension-filled poker scene.



The poker scene between Maverick (Mel Gibson) and Angel (Alfred Molina) features some hilariously mad-eyed acting from the latter, as Maverick bests him with a slowroll. Nowadays, Mel Gibson elicits that kind of stare every time he opens his mouth, but back then he had to do something special to warrant it. If you’re looking to try your hand at these games whilst watching the films, you can always play at an online casino

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