Fashion Made Famous by Movies

We all know that in the world of advertising you have to be one step ahead all the way and must use every trick in the book to help sell whatever you are advertising, it’s no good just sitting on your laurels and hoping for the best or thinking that people will be so taken with your product that it will just fly off the shelves.So you need to get either someone famous on board that loves your product and is willing to endorse it. Or even better give it away to TV shows or movies to use on set as props, yes it will cost you a few of the products but it is free advertising and if it turns out to be a big hit (like Sex and the City) you are on to an absolute winner, because the general public and celebrities will be falling over themselves trying to get some of what you are selling.

Jimmy Choo Atlas patent sandals £450

Jimmy Cho Fashion Made Famous by Movies

moz screenshot Fashion Made Famous by Moviesmoz screenshot 1 Fashion Made Famous by Moviesmoz screenshot 2 Fashion Made Famous by Movies

Sex in the City is a fashion trend all of it’s own, everyone who is a big fan and even celebrities want to look just like the girls Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda and it’s set to continue for a while with the recent release of Sex in the City 2.

Gucci patent heels £355

Gucci paten heels Fashion Made Famous by Movies

Sex and the City is one of the best places at the moment to show off your fashion if you really want to be noticed as a designer, The girls on the show including Sarah Jessica Parker are constantly parading themselves around town in sexy high end fashion. Jimmy Choo is one of the biggest successes to date, with everyone wanting those awesome shoes, celebrities go absolutely mad for them.

Thomas pink Winchester shirt £85

Thomas pink Winchester shirt Fashion Made Famous by Movies

Sarah Jessica Parker also has her own fragrance called Lovely, which of course has also been a big hit all over the world, which has been aided by the massive success on Sex in the City..

Lovely Fashion Made Famous by Movies

Jessica Simpson in the denim hot pants and cowboy boots

cowboy boots Fashion Made Famous by Movies

The movie Dukes of Hazard with hotty Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke, set off a trend of wearing cut off denim shorts and tight t-shirts with cowboy boots. The shorts she actually wore in the movie were made from cutting the legs off Lucky brand jeans and shops all over America reported a jump in sales of both denim shorts and cowboy boots

Jennifer Beals in the grey sweatshirt (Flashdance)

grey sweatshirt Fashion Made Famous by Movies

Jennifer Beals dancing in the trendy leg warmers (Flashdance)

leg warmers Fashion Made Famous by Movies
Flashdance the 1983 movie with Jennifer Beals, who starred as a steel worker by day and a dancer by night, set the trend of wearing leg warmers and oversized off the shoulder grey sweatshirts, the teens in America went absolutely mad for these Fashion accessories after it was released, so along with the movie being a big hit, so was the Fashion.

Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan

madona Fashion Made Famous by Movies

The 1985 movie Desperately Seeking Susan and of course Madonna were responsible for a whole host of fashion crazes in the mid 80’s. Ray Ban’s saw a massive rise in there sales of sunglasses just after the film was released in American cinema’s. But Madonna in the movie was really trend setting in this film, as countless female fans rushed out to buy clothes and

accessories just like the ones she wore in the movie, like fingerless lace gloves, the rhinestone boots, the necklaces and even going as far as getting their hair cut and streaked just like hers.

Rhinestone Boots

moz screenshot 3 Fashion Made Famous by Movies

Rhinestone Boots Fashion Made Famous by Movies

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun

tom cruise Fashion Made Famous by Movies

The movie Top Gun which was a massive hit in 1986 and really couldn’t have got many more famous faces in it if they had tried. The cast included Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside, Tim Robbins and Meg Ryan. There is no way it was gonna fail, so it was very clever or just very lucky of Ray Ban to get them onto the film set as props, these Aviator sun glasses literally flew off the shelves after Top Gun was released.

Oakley’s 3-D glasses

3 D glasses Fashion Made Famous by Movies

The new 3-D movies are stirring up a storm with eyewear manufacturers like Oakley and fashion houses like Gucci. They are all jumping on the band wagon at the moment, rushing to manufacture lines of 3-D glasses, starting at a massive $95 a pop. This is about 10 times the price of them in the cinema’s.

They are set to be a huge hit, as demand for 3-D specs skyrocket with the release of all these 3-D movies like Tron : Legacy, Avatar and The Chronicles of Narnia :The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. And it’s only going to get bigger and better, with news that there are another 30 3-D movies scheduled to be released next year.

I’m off out tonight so better get ready, big girly night out, so lots of mascara and lip gloss required. Bring on the cocktails and dancing !!

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