Mar 14, 2013

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Top 10 The Best Kids Movie Actors

There are so many movies that are popular today, and along with the movies, actors, the stars of these movies are even more popular. We have a really large number of the very good actors and actresses, but it always seems that we are more connected with the little ones  – the kids actors. Kids are just made to be actors – they are honest and fast learners, so, you’ll always get an amazing role playing with the kids actors. Interesting movies like one of these which include kids are popular for the all times, and there are so many classics out there, so, if you like kids movies, be on that. So, take a look at these amazing movie photos, and enjoy in it.

1. Mickey Rooney


With the parents who are also actors, there is no wonder this little fella took part in acting with only 15 months. He is most famous for silent comedies.

2. Shirley Temple


We can say for this actress, easily, that she is the most popular and most famous kid actress of all times. With the first movie part at the age of 3, she really progressed into the singing, dancing and acting full time.

3.  Macaulay Culkin


This young actors is the most popular child actor star in the USA. As we all already know, he was the number one star at the Home Alone movies, and he did a great job on these.

4. Judy Garland


One of the brightest, most tragic movie stars of Hollywood’s  Golden Era, Judy Garland, was a adored character world wide. She done a lot with her life, but the most famous was the part in the The Wizard of Oz.

5. Margaret O’Brien


First time on the movie was the appearance in the Babes on Broadway. She was the big kid actor star for many years, and she made some excellent movies.

6. Jodie Foster


Born Alicia Christian Foster, she did a really great job in her movie career. The most popular role was the Silence of the Lambs.

7.  Elizabeth Taylor


What can you say about the most popular female star ever. Elizabeth really was the breeze of fresh air, where ever she turned up. She did a really great job on the scenery of the movies.

8.Dakota Fanning


This blonde little girl appeared in a lots and lots of movies, and always stood the chance to be the best ever. She won the world with her little blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes.

9. Haley Joel Osment


His actin career began at the age of 4, when he tried for the Pizza Hut commercial. Since then, we believe that this guy didn’t stop. Acting next to the Brus Villis was his biggest accomplishment.

10.  Mae Whitman


Started with the voice for some commercial, she pushed herself into the bigger and bigger things. Ad finally, she did made it. Her best performance was at the Independence Day movie.

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Apr 9, 2012

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Heroes of Madmen In The Form Of Dogs

While fans are intensely devoted to a character January Jones, Betty, who in the second episode of the fifth season of “Mad Men” appeared as if it correct to say fat, the Internet is already walking a new game – the characters in a series of dogs. In fact, Betty is going to be a dog more than double chin, is not it? These are some really funny tv show photos. Not really sure who done this amazing work, but he did an amazing job! Here is some photos!

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Nov 18, 2009

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Watch Movies Online

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With hundreds of thousands of free movies and genres out there, finding your new favorites could be like finding a needle in a haystack. Not anymore! We made MoviesPlanet smart, intuitive and simple to use so you can breeze through the lists of users with similar tastes to find the movies you’ve been missing out on. What have movie lovers been watching? MoviesPlanet lets you see which watch movies are the community favorites, in real time.

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We don’t stop there, though. MoviesPlanet is a full, lively, movie lover’s community with integrated user profiles, private notes and instant messaging, polls, forums, chat and more! Get real-time movie recommendations from devoted movie lovers, just like you. Even if you’re a casual movie viewer, the MoviesPlanet community has much in store for you. Curious what to watch tonight? Find out in just a few clicks.

We could go on, but we’d prefer you’d see and experience for yourself what MoviesPlanet has in store. We like simplicity, so we made joining easy. In just a few minutes, you’ll be well on your way to joining new (and existing!) friends in this lil’ online home of ours.

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Jun 10, 2009

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The artist who paints on discarded swan plumes

swan-plumesPainted onto elegant swan quills, these beautiful examples of feather-art really are fit for a Queen.

Painstakingly created by English artist Ian Davie, each individual piece painted over the royally protected bird’s feathers can take up to one week to complete.

Using feathers collected during the regal birds’ annual moult from a swannery near to his home, Ian has spent the past four years perfecting his craft.

After cleaning the often dirty quills and individually straightening them out with tweezers, Mr Davie, 44, who lives in a converted farmhouse in Snowdonia National Park, Wales, then begins the arduous process of painting onto the swans discarded feathers.

He said: ‘I already have sketched what I want to achieve before the painting begins.

‘I only have a canvas that is around one foot long and around three inches wide so I have to know exactly the course my painting will take.

‘I use what in artistic circles is called a primer, which goes over the area I am going to paint on, then when that is laid down I begin to paint the scene of sketch that I have planned.’

Incredibly, the former taxidermist, originally from Bolton, has only been painting for five years.

‘I never picked up a brush before my 40th birthday,’ he said.

‘I had a rather chequered work history before my art took off that included marketing and design, taxidermy, farming and working as a gamekeeper in and around Snowdonia.

‘I eventually started with a traditional canvas, five years ago and discovered to my surprise that I was quite adept at painting.

‘My experience outdoors in Wales and in a strange way with the taxidermy have all helped to inform my animal and landscape art.’

However, it was only after he had completed work on his converted farmhouse in the wilds of Snowdonia in 2005 that his art came into focus.

‘That house took me ten years to complete,’ Mr Davie said.

‘I then went on a very fortuitous holiday to New Zealand where I met my wife Tracey and most importantly observed the feather art of the Maori people.

‘A lightbulb went on in my mind when I made the connection and realised that in my time in Wales I had observed hundreds of swan feathers on the ground in Wales, which were literally all blank canvasses.’

Four years on, and his feathered art sells for around £500 to £700 per intricate piece.

‘Over the years I have experimented and am continually trying to perfect my work,’ he said.

‘I now put together five feathers in a row to create a larger canvas for me to paint on and these are now selling for up to £1,800.

‘The reaction to my work has indeed been totally positive and well received.’

Mr Davie uses a special acrylic paint that protects and coats the feather, and a specialised 000-size brush to fill in the finer details.

He said: ‘These feathers come from the birds’ enormous wingspan and therefore using an oil based paint would corrupt the integrity of the feather.

‘I asked an expert from the Natural History Museum in London how long my art would last and they replied that feathers had been found totally intact inside the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.’

Mr Davie’s work has since been exhibited at the Welsh Museum of Modern Art and he has been asked to become the artist in residence at the Nature and Art Museum in Gloucestershire.

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