Feb 5, 2013

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Cartoon Character Growing Up

There is the time in every kids life when they don’t wanna grow up, and this period of time can be hard. So, parents needs to be there for their kids, and help them into that transition, the best they can. But, there is nothing to worry about, that period when they scream and yell for every little thinking is not gonna last forever. So, be there for your kids when they are growing up and becoming an adult. Don’t be like this little lady Wendy, who said something to her mother, and her mother was determined not to help her, or, to help her on the other way. So, Wendy didn’t want to grow up, but, at the end of the day, she was an adult! Take a look, and enjoy in this funny cartoon photos, and funny movie photos.

Cartoon Character Growing Up Cartoon Character Growing Up

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