Mar 27, 2013

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That 70s Show Humor

These days, we are living in the world filled with new tv shows, new movies, and so many other stuff from the movie and entertainment world. But, these is a certain spark that is making us love these old tv shows. For example, there is a hilarious tv show named That 70s show. This popular tv show won so many hearts during the filming and airing, that many of us can watch over and over again. This tv show photos are showing us their classing  humor, where Red, the father, is taking care of his son Eric, and making sure he is ready for the life in a marriage. If you look at it from a different angle, Red really loves his son, and he wants to make sure he is ready for all of that things that make a life with someone hard. Therefore, there is Eric, who finds it hard, and annoying. So, from all that, we are getting a good tv show humor. So, if you are a fan of old tv shows, and you love this show, take a look at this and enjoy!

That 70s Show Humor That 70s Show Humor

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