Feb 21, 2013

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Most Popular Movie Posters

While the writers argue about the number of basic plots in literature (Booker claimed that seven of them, Borges – that only four, Aristotle, Hugo and Polten insisted on including 36), creators of movie posters partly deliberately and partly by accident brought the genre to a dozen advertising poster cliché, giving an overview of the plot, dynamics and level of special effects films. We all know that a person cannot be creative all the time, but, come on people, there are so many posters that are, basically the same. The first thing we, as audience see is the movie posters, so, we all agree they have to be creative and new.  So, here are some interesting movie photos, of movie posters, for you to decide are they are the same. Take a look at this interesting movies, and enjoy!


1. Big Eye

Thrillers and horror at different stages of completion of the plot and an emphasis on special effects. Standard and the basic model of the poster can serve as “Requiem for a Dream”, which, though belongs to another genre, but the computer graphics and complex “video clip” mounting stuffed to the eyeballs.
Examples: “Requiem for a Dream”, “The Eye,” “Candyman,” “Revenge”


2. Lone hero: Looking over his shoulder half turned

Adventure, comics and drama vividly spelled out the nature of the central character – a nature complex, controversial and misunderstood. Very often on posters as a character featured starring weapons.
Examples: “The Hitcher”, “Blade”, “D’Artagnan,” “A Very Long Engagement,” “Lucky Number Slevin,” “Shoot ‘Em Up”


3. Big and small

Close-up portrait on a background of coastal landscapes with small figures. No pattern – it’s melodrama, possible elements of a detective or a historical film, but handkerchiefs to tear scenes stock up must.
Examples: “Captain Corelli’s Violin”, “City of Angels”, “The Double Life of Charlie St. Cloud”, “carried away”, “Jude”.


4. Back to back

Mutual defense posture “rear” was used on the old posters of “James Bond” (“View to a Kill” – companion portrait of Roger Moore and Grace Jones), but at the triumph of the “Beauty” has become familiar comedy melodrama with equivalent batches of the two main characters.
Examples: “Pretty Woman,” “Bride Wars,” “How to marry and remain celibate”, “Love with the notice,” “Adam’s Rib,” “No Reservations.”


5. Between The Legs

Posters with explicit sexual overtones, oddly enough, is rarely enforced promise: as a rule, it is not erotica, and comedy, and a very mediocre level.
Examples: “For Your Eyes Only” (Bond), “Seksdrayv”, “Turmoil in the dorm.”


6. Couple in bed

And again – the melodrama and comedy relationship. Freud grandfather tossed in a coffin, how famously took it in turn enterprising Hollywood. Be honest, how often do you solve personal problems in bed? … That’s it, and we are about the same.
Examples: “A Single Man,” “Married 7 years”, “to laugh. and sin “


7. Splashed Blue

Covers and posters with a predominance of blue and aquamarine colors – almost always signal a “family” nature of the film. Very often so make out adventure films and films about animals (including documentaries).
Examples: “Avatar,” “The Birds,” “The Wild deep oceans 3D», «Flipper”


8. Ash and fire

Black-and-white photos and color flashes of flame – one of the most cliché in the design of posters militants
Examples: “Bangkok Dangerous,” “The Transporter,” “Ghost Rider,” “Tokyo Drift”


9. Running at dusk

This design characteristic militants elaborated dramatic storyline or detective plot.
Examples: “Firewall”, “Arsene Lupin,” “Rain,” “Paycheck,” “The Firm”


10. Collages

Portraits of the elements characteristic of the two completely unrelated genres: either it is a biopic – the history of life is complex and multi-faceted character, or horror movies. Visually genre distinction is easy to hold – or collages form normal human entity, or a skull and scalp.
Examples: “The Truman Show,” “Che,” “mushrooms”, “Fever”, “Descent”


11. Woman in Red

Before this image was typical of rustic comedy, and girls in red dresses are often portrayed in the pin-up. Today, such registration does not shrink from such masters of auteur cinema, as Almodovar (“All About My Mother”) and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (“Amelie”).
Examples: “Tootsie”, “The Naked Truth”, “Amelie”


12. Reflection in sunglasses

Another way to hint at the incredibly complex inner world of the main character, no matter how stupid or a scoundrel he was.
Examples: “The Matrix,” “Almost Famous,” “Hancock,” “The Big Lebowski”, “Leon”, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

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Feb 16, 2013

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Naughty Disney Photos

We all watched Disney cartoons, and we all had favorite characters. What do you think, would we still watch that if these princesses looked like that back then? Yeah, it seems that we are still very happy to watch. The ones that we used to watch as a princess who always find their Prince Charming, have resolved to be a little more relaxed and doing what has always been interesting. Gave up the princes, balls and went on to capture some new poses and quilt. With these cartoon characters, Disney would definitely sparked everyone’s imagination. So, do you like these amazing naughty Disney princesses? If you like funny movie photos, or perhaps some new movies, with these princesses, this is the right place for you. Take a look, and enjoy!
















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Feb 5, 2013

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Cartoon Character Growing Up

There is the time in every kids life when they don’t wanna grow up, and this period of time can be hard. So, parents needs to be there for their kids, and help them into that transition, the best they can. But, there is nothing to worry about, that period when they scream and yell for every little thinking is not gonna last forever. So, be there for your kids when they are growing up and becoming an adult. Don’t be like this little lady Wendy, who said something to her mother, and her mother was determined not to help her, or, to help her on the other way. So, Wendy didn’t want to grow up, but, at the end of the day, she was an adult! Take a look, and enjoy in this funny cartoon photos, and funny movie photos.


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Feb 2, 2013

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Movie Photos In Shortology

Milan design studio H-57 has created an ingenious series of posters, icons of known films. Series entitled Shortology most succinctly illustrates the content of cult films. This is really interesting idea, and design, and the skills to put the movie into just one photo, is amazing. These are all well known movies, and some of them are really funny movies. These movie photos took some time and planing, but at the end, it all went good, and people are really enjoying the result  now. Movie photos are always popular, no matter if they are funny photos, or maybe some odd movie photos, people are always interested in viewing some photos. So, this is the case now, too. Today, we are presenting you with some of the most amazing movie photos in Shortology, and we hope you are going to like it. So, take a look, and enjoy!











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Feb 1, 2013

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Funny TV Shows and Movies Moments

There are a lots of movies and tv shows these days, but for some of them you have the certain feelings. Like, you love some tv show more than another, and it’s the same case with the movies. Well, when it comes to the funny lines these movie characters and tv show characters are saying. we are not playing favorites anymore. We really don’t know who came up with these lines, director or the actor him self, but, all we have to say is , good job! Being an actor is all about the improvisation, and you have to be quick, just because the situations like this one. You gotta think fast, and act fast, in order to give the audience what they want. And this is how we get all those funny movie lines. So, if you are a movie and a tv show fan, or just like to enjoy in funny tv shows lines. you are just in the right place. Take a look at these funny movie photos, and enjoy!










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