Jul 29, 2011

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Voices Of A Cartoon Characters

Have you ever watched a 3D movie, or a cartoon, and just thought That voice is so familiar? I guess you never came up with an answer. Well, i know i’ve been in this situation, and i don’t like it. Here is a selection of some 3D movies and cartoons, and the actors who gave them a voices. I didn’t knew for many of them, and it’s so interesting to find out this. It all makes more sense now!. Hope you are going to enjoy in this, and that you are going to find it interesting.















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Jul 26, 2011

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Miss Marple in Photos

Jennifer Garner plays Miss Marple in a new film company, “Disney,” which changes the perception of the elderly living in a village woman detective, and depicts her thirty years of American crown. Let’s see what the actress playing this iconic role in different movies.

1. The photo Jennifer Garner is shown in the 2005 film “Elektra.”


2. Margaret Rutherford played Miss Marple in four films: “The 16.50 from Paddington” (1961), “After the funeral” (1963), “The most stupid Kill” (1964) and “Hey, Kill” (1964). Rutherford introduced the character of a brave old lady, which differs from stiff like a bird, Miss Marple, which Christie’s described in his novels.


3. In 1980, Angela Lansbury (who went on to play a noble lady detective in the television series “Murder, She Wrote”) is Miss Marple in the film “And tresnuv, mirror ring ….”


4. Joan Hickson starred in the BBC adaptations of all 12 novels, Miss Marple. The series went from 1984 to 1992. Hixon played the cook in the first film in which Margaret Rutherford played Miss Marple.


5. Geraldine McEwan starred in the first three series of Miss Marple, Agatha Christie.


6. Julia McKenzie has taken over the role of Geraldine McEwan in the television series of Miss Marple created by broadcaster ITV. In the photo she is shown with Joan Collins in the film “Through the Mirror.”


7. Helen Hayes played Miss Marple in two television movies, filmed television channel CBS: «Caribbean Mystery” (1983) and “Mirror Murder” (1984). In the photo she is shown in the last film with John Mills and Bette Davis.


8. June Whitfield voiced detective Miss Marple adaptations of all 12 novels for BBC Radio 4. The series aired from 1993 to 2001.


9. In 1977, Dulcie Gray played Miss Marple in the formulation of theater Vastu End “Declared Murder.”


10. Agatha Christie – best-selling novelist of all time. Sold about four million copies of her books. Miss Marple appeared in 12 of its detective stories, Hercule Poirot – 33. Her play “The Mousetrap” holds the record for the maximum number of theatrical productions – it was staged at the Theater Ambassador November 25, 1952, and shows to this day after more than 24 000 hits.


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Jul 25, 2011

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Top 9 Famous Movie Kisses

How many times did your heart stopped during some really romantic movie kiss? Well, it happen to me many, many times. From that reason, we put together a selection of movie kisses that took your breath away. Well, it will took your breath away if you like romantic movies, and kisses, instead guns, fights and stuff. So, take a look, and enjoy in there wonderful movie kisses.

1. “Gone With the Wind.”


“You really need a kiss”, – says Clark Gable as Rhett Butler Vivien Leigh heroine Scarlett Hare at the scene of the famous film of 1939. “You should kiss, and more often. And with someone who knows a good judge. “And then, making the sentence twice widowed Scarlett, it actually proves that just fits this description.

2. “Lady and the Tramp.”


She – the girl from high society, and he – cute bum. But when the two dogs collided noses, eating a spaghetti spaghetti in this cartoon in 1955, then between them there and then flashed a wonderful feeling.

3. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”


Truman Capote’s novel 1958, by which the film was made, actually, was not a love story. So that the author was not happy with the film adaptation of 1961. Among other things, the role played by Holly Goliti Marilyn Monroe did not, as would the author of the novel. But the audience accepted the film with a bang. Particularly impressed with all the final scene in which Holly kiss Goliti (Audrey Hepburn) and Paul (George Peppard) has made a rainy New York City park no less romantic backdrop than “zayuzat” pink sunsets.

4. “When Harry Met Sally.”


This comedy in 1989 made ??many contributions to the witty romantic lexicon, prompting debate about whether men and women truly be friends. And of course the audience were crying with emotion when a pair of main characters was reunited in New Year’s Eve. In the words of Billy Crystal (Harry) Meg Ryan (Sally): “I came here today because when you realize that you want to spend with someone the rest of your life, you want all the remaining life began as soon as possible” .

5. “Casting”.


In fact, the script of this film, shot in 1990, Molly Jensen (Demi Moore) appears in the frame with Ode Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg). But as the seer Oda Mae “translates” the signal from the dead guy Molly Sam Whit (Patrick Sueyzi) on the screen we see Sam and Molly.

6. “Titanic.”


Director James Cameron originally planned to make a movie “in the style of Audrey Hepburn,” highlighting the kinohita of 1997 the main character, but Leonardo DiCaprio began to strike, threatening to abandon the role. We still take your breath away when we vydim the frame, where Rose played by Kate Winslet kissing a character DiCaprio, despite the fact that, as recently stated by Leonardo, “kiss with Kate – it’s like that kiss my sister.”

7. “SpiderMan.”


Kiss upside down Spider-Man (Tobey Maguaer) and Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) in 2002 made ??kinokomikse Maguaera breath away. But not for the reason that you’re thinking. “All this time my nose went numb rainwater – complains an actor. – When Kirsten lifted my mask, then finally cut off my air. “

8. “Slumdog Millionaire.”


At first glance, it is clear why Dzhmal (Dev Patel) was so in love with his childhood friend Latika (Pinto Fred). And when they finally kissed on a railway platform in Mumbai, this time has become so well gives hope for the happy ending, as well as the ensuing awkward scene with the dance. Nevertheless, a couple still keeps their relationship and outside the shooting area.

9. “Twilight”.


Even the most ardent opponent of Bella and Edward’s relationship – Jacob – could not deny that their first kiss madly romantic. Kristen Stewart, who always mute as a fish when it comes to her relationship with partner Robert Pattinson set behind the scenes, to appreciate the beauty of the moment. When asked about the good memories of the shooting, she blurted out without thinking, “I kissed Edward Cullen.”

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Jul 21, 2011

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Most Romantic Movies In The History Of Cinema

All of this – movies that make speed up heart rate and who are the tears in his eyes – the most romantic movies in the world cinema. And just about anyone there nor discussed: the man and woman, or man and man or a troll princess and – they are all about love

1. “Gone With the Wind” (1941)


And, of course, none of the love stories of Hollywood production does not become so popular as “Gone With the Wind.” Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh (an English actress, at that time completely unknown in America), embodied on-screen characters novelist Margaret Mitchell and the vicissitudes of civil war in the United States. The film won ten “Oscars”, and for twenty years, this record has remained out of reach.

2. “Casablanca” (1942)


Give me look at you, kid. “This quote from the movie, which began as a banal romantic melodrama, has become world famous. The film begins in the Moroccan night club during the Second World War. The relationship of heroes – a cynical American immigrant in the performance of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman’s brilliant character – is the story of a lost, newly-found and lost love. It was she who made ??this film truly immortal.

3. An unforgettable novel” (1957)


History of unfulfilled passion heroes Carrie Grant and Deborah Kerr, met on board the ocean liner and fall in love, despite the fact that each of them connected already existing relations. Cult film did not stop even become what they are, in fact, is a remake of the movie “Roman” (1939), where the main characters played by Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne.

4. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961)


For several decades before Carrie Bradshaw started the project, “Sex and the City” appeared Holly Golightly, the New York party girl, whose daring, like a huge cigarette mouthpiece, mask the internal vulnerability and fragility of the heroine. George Peppard plays in this movie, a sentimental writer, who falls in love. The film is based on the novel by Truman Capote.

5. “Doctor Zhivago” (1965)


What could be more romantic than a pre-doomed love against the backdrop of epic events of the Russian Revolution? Nothing, perhaps that in addition to the soundtrack became the world-famous “Theme of Lara.” Some critics have expressed about the movie pretty dramatically immediately after its release in theaters, but now he is considered a classic. Omar Sharif and Julie Christie played the main characters in this film.

6. “The Sound of Music” (1965)


On the eve of World War II, a former nun, falls in love with disillusioned with life-Austrian widower with one’s children she is a governess. It does not sound too realistic, but the film is based on the true story of Maria von Trapp and her family. Starring Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews. The film is an adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.

7. “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967)


They’re young, they are in love … and they kill people. “That’s what is a summary of the love story that shook the audience. Danava Faye and Warren Beatty have played in this movie bank robbers, on whose conscience lives of at least nine police officers. The action takes place during the period of the Great Depression in the United States.

8. “Love Story” (1970)


Love – is when you simply do not have to apologize for anything and do not regret. “At least, if this is love between a student Rheinau O’Neal and a girl from a poor family, Ali MacGraw, the protagonists of the cult novel by Eric Segal, who became an instant bestseller. The film ends with the protagonist’s death from an incurable disease – but to the very end it remains as beautiful.

9. “The meeting of two hearts” (“What we were”) (1973)


In the romantic tales of Hollywood production opposite always attract. This happens in this film about a young writer (the hero of Robert Retforda) and a desperate party to the left of the political movement (the heroine of Barbara Streisand). Is their love enough to overcome the divisive politics? Streisand also plays the main theme song for the film, which became a hit after its release, the number one in the U.S..

10. “Grease” (1978)


Yeah, 50th from a height of 1978 seemed much more romantic. The film was played by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. The film is an adaptation of the Broadway musical and the popularity has overtaken even the legendary “Sound of Music.”

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Jul 15, 2011

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A Movie Captured in One Shot

New York photographer Gregory Crewdson makes impressive photography works about American myths, showing the downside of American dream thanks to the surrealism touch. Crewdson builds elaborate sets for his photography to take pictures that are foreboding and with extraordinary detail.  Each photo is the result of work of a whole team of decorators, light engineers, extras. Usually so much effort is done to shoot a movie. In this case it is all done to make just one shot which tells the whole story and bears a mystery. The images are frozen in time and there’s no before or after. It gives a viewer a possibility to imagine and to expand this “movie” in their minds. Crewdson has made that his unique strength.
















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