Jul 30, 2009

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Seven Actresses You Might Not Know Are Australian

When most people think of Australian actresses and actors in Hollywood, they usually think of the obvious ones: Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and even Russel Crowe (who’s actually from New Zealand.) But the presence of Australian actresses in the United States is far broader again.

Australian actresses have lead or major roles in a range of American television programs and movies, but they aren’t always obvious, because most adopt American accents.

Here’s a list of seven actresses you might not know are Australian (well, presuming you’re not reading this from Australia)

Anna Torv (Fringe)


Yvonne Strzechowski (Chuck)


26 year old Yvonne Strzechowski was born in Sydney, and had only light acting experience before Chuck. A graduate of the University of Western Sydney’s Theatre Nepean, she had a number of minor roles on Australian television, before heading the States to try her luck.

Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace)


36 year old Poppy Montgomery was born in Sydney, and moved to the United States at the age of 18. Montgmorey came into prominence with her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in the 2001 CBS mini-series Blonde, before landing the role of Samantha Spade in Without a Trace.

Melissa George (various)


32 year old Melissa George was born in Perth, Western Australia. Well known in Australia for her long running role on soap Home and Away, George moved to the United States in 1998, where she landed minor roles in movies including Dark City, The Limey, Mulholland Drive and Down with Love.

Her first big breakthrough was playing the role of Lauren Reed on the ABC series Alias in 2003. She’s since started or co-stared in a variety of movies, including The Amityville Horror.

Rose Byrne (Damages)


29 year old Rose Byrne was born in Sydney. Byrne made her television debut in 1995 in Australian soap Echo Point, before taking on a number of smaller roles as she developed her acting skills. Her first movie role was as Dormé, the handmaiden to Natalie Portman’s Senator Padmé Amidala, in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

After working her way up the ranks, Byrne has appeared in numerous films, and has been playing one of the leading characters in the TV series Damages.

Miranda Otto (various)

41 year old Miranda Otto was born in Brisbane, and is the daughter of well known actor (in Australia) Barry Otto. Unlike many of her fellow Australian’s, Otto started her career in movies, rising quickly to become a popular lead actress in Australian films.

Her break through role internationally was playing Éowyn, a shieldmaiden of Rohan, in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy starting in 1999. Her first major Hollywood appearance was opposite Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer in the suspense thriller What Lies Beneath in 2000. She also appeared in the TV series Cashmere Mafia, and opposite Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds.

Otto has not vigorously pursued a Hollywood career, dividing her time between productions in the United States, the UK, and Australia, including theater work.

Isla Fisher (various)


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Jul 27, 2009

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Jul 15, 2009

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Top 21 Best Gangster Movies

When you think of concepts that define “American”, things like baseball, apple pie, muscle cars spring to mind. Well another category has to be included and that is the classic American gangster film. Therefore, we have come up with a list of essential films that transcend to the top of this genre of film.

20. The Untouchables

Brings a whole new meaning to “batting clean-up”. Some of the scenes were laughable — much like Connery’s ATTEMPT AT AN (Does that clear it? He was playing an Irish character) English Irish Accent — (thanks Josh), but the movie was shot well and DeNiro was excellent as usual. Al Capone is a not only a legend in mafia lore but also an icon that exemplified the American Dream, albeit through violent and illicit means. Nevertheless, he captured the imagination of the American public and this movie maybe be the best portrayal of the man they called “Scarface”.

If you’re interested to see full story, please visit original post on : thepulplist.com

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Jul 15, 2009

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Movie Posters Unbelievable Skull Optical Illusion

We recently observed a superb movie posters, common to all 3 skull optical illusion, a very good Photoshop work, see more about them below

Mati Suri Movie Poster


Seeing optical illusion in this “new” poster for Mati Suri movie, shouldn’t be too hard. It works in the same way Premonition poster did, only there are skulls (again).

The Decent Movie Poster


Shauna Macdonald and Natalie Mendoza star in “The Descent.”

The Final Destination Skull Movie Poster


This new poster has me a little depressed.  For started the film is apparently no longer titled “Final Destination 3D: Death Trip” which is just a great campy title.  Now it’s “The Final Destination”.  YAWN.  Also, could they make a more generic poster?  Creepy skull, shattered glass.  It doesn’t even mention that the film is in 3D!

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Jul 13, 2009

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Best Horror Remakes Ever

Today, we are taking a look at its favorite horror movie remakes. But don’t worry, we’re not going to go “psycho” and get into a compare and contrast with the originals. Instead, we’re going to keep the focus where it belongs… on the remakes.

Horror, perhaps more than any other genre, is a subjective viewing experience. What scares one person may not scare another. Some people prefer gore; some on screen, some off. One might be more scared by psychological torture, another by the unknown. And let’s face it, the critics don’t particularly love the genre. Let’s just say that it has a very specific niche audience, us. The fans.

Whether you love the gore, the suspense, zombies, psychological torment, creature flicks or ensemble pieces, there is sure to be something on this list for you. The term “Horror” means a feeling of “fear.” So before you start nitpicking whether films are horror/sci-fi, or horror/romance, or thriller or suspense, remember that is the key requirement. Each of these films creates a feeling of fear, for its characters and the audience.

House on Haunted Hill 1999


House on Haunted Hill is a 1999 remake of the 1959 film of the same name. The ensemble cast includes Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen, Taye Diggs, Peter Gallagher, Ali Larter and Bridgette Wilson. Besides being a remake of the creatively inventive William Castle classic, it has the super-producing power of Robert Zemeckis and Joel Silver behind it.


Rich and eccentric Steven Price throws a party for his “high maintenance” wife Evelyn at the famed Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane, which — of course — has its share of blood and death. In his hay day, the head doctor, Richard Vannacutt, performed horrible experiments on the patients and created a “house of horrors” full of automated gates and locks, intended to prevent escape. These eventually became the coffin door for many of the patients who were trapped and killed during a revolt and fire.

But now, the possessed building has plans of its own and manages to round up a group of invites different from Price’s guest list. The distrust and paranoia of both Price and Evelyn compel them to accept the strangers as part of their conniving spouse’s plot. So Price offers each guest a million dollars if they can survive the entire night in the building, with any person not making it having his or her money added to the others. The house goes into lockdown mode and the scares and screams begin. The rest of the film follows the guests as they avoid being murdered by the supernatural forces within the house and last until sunrise.


William Castle was famous for his theatrical gimmicks and the antics associated with the original film was that of a skeleton on wires floating above the audience. The film maintains that air of fun and theatricality, never taking itself too seriously. The fantastic cast makes it a “who’s who?” of potentially terminal party goers. Rush’s character, the eccentric amusement park mogul, sets the tone for the film because it is much like an amusement park haunted house attraction. Less focused on plot and character development, it continuously shuttles us from one thrilling attraction in the house to another. What it lacks in complexity, it makes up for in a number of individually pleasing sequences. You may ridicule the movie, but you know you end up watching it every time it’s on cable. Just like that carnival haunted house, you know its going to be theatrical, you know what’s coming, but it still manages to get a few jumps and scares out of you.

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