Jul 23, 2015

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15 Signs You Love Food As Much As Joey Tribbiani

Everybody who watched tv show Friends, knows exactly how much Joey loves food, and enjoys in it. With him around, nothing goes to waste, even when the fridge broke, he made sure everything in that fridge is eaten, including that brown thing in the jar, that no one knew what is was. So, i that spirit, we gathered some signs to show you how much is he into food. So, if you like popular tv shows, like Friends tv show, and the amazing Joey Tribbiani, this is the place for you. Take a look and enjoy!

1. As soon as you feast your eyes on something delicious it’s like love at first bite.


2. You absolutely refuse to waste a single morsel no matter the circumstance. funny-joey-tribbiani2

3. You’ve considered entering a food eating contest once because win or lose you still get a tasty treat in the process. funny-joey-tribbiani3

4. You always have a pair of stretchy sweatpants handy to get you through those heftier meals. funny-joey-tribbiani4

5. The way you feel at the end of a meal is the same kind of sadness you feel at the end of a vacation. funny-joey-tribbiani5

6. You have strong opinions about your favorite foods and never miss an opportunity to advocate for them. funny-joey-tribbiani6

7. You know you have eyes bigger than your stomach, but as soon as it’s time to chow you get so pumped you can’t resist going overboard. funny-joey-tribbiani7

8. Your social life shamelessly revolves around where you’re going to eat, what you’re going to eat, and who you’re going to eat with. funny-joey-tribbiani8

9. You’ve experienced a serious food coma before, but still won’t let that stop your culinary quest. funny-joey-tribbiani9

10. It’s important to note that you and your food are NOT in an open relationship. That shit is for your mouth and your mouth only. funny-joey-tribbiani10

11. And God forbid someone tries to mess with your munchies and sneak a bite off your plate. funny-joey-tribbiani11

12. You use birthdays and special occasions as excuses to eat unhealthy amounts of cake. funny-joey-tribbiani12

13. When a friend says they’re full, you swoop in to give them a hand because you feel it’s your duty. funny-joey-tribbiani13

14. You feel like you’re missing out on an amazing culinary experience when your friends order food without you. funny-joey-tribbiani14

15. You love to experiment with new flavors and unusual combinations, despite the fact that you sometimes risk upsetting your stomach.


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