10 Dumbest Moments In Movies

I’ve seen a lot stupid movies in mi life, but some moments are just too stupid.  I’m sure it happened to you too. Well, i I have right, take a look,  and i am sure that you will recognize some really stupid moments in movies. Take a look, and enjoy :)

1. POINT BREAK (1991)

Compromised FBI agent, Keanu Reeves, is forced to help in escape of robber, Patrick Swayze. Patrick jumps out of plane with last parachute… And then… Incredible Keanu jumps out too, without parachute and manages to catch bandit in the air. Now we have incredible air ballet and successful landing!!? Compared to this, 007 stunts look like BBC documentary.

2. ENIGMA (2001)

Code breaker, scientist Scott and his assistant in form of Kate Winslet, grab a part of German code machine, Enigma. But British Intelligence follows them closely… And then… We have slowest and most boring car chase in history of movies. 15 kph? They would go faster with tractors.

3. ADAPTATION. (2002)

Writer Charlie Kaufman is imprisoned in a swamp by John Laroche and Susan Orlean, subject and author of his adaptation “The Orchid Thief”. Laroche points the gun… And then… Alligator attacks Laroche and ends a good movie with most amazing trick. Well, that is the point. But it is also very stupid.

4. HOOK (1991)

You got to admit, pretty good beginning of a movie. Middle-aged Peter Pan returns to Neverland… And then… We have Lost Boys in a form of caricaturization of British fashion scene from, maybe 1982. Costume makers and all others responsible for that, should be punished, accordingly.


Stallone in a pretty good story, on a very unusual place. Everything is interesting, there is suspense and it is all good… And then… He impales one of the bad guys on a stalactite. Yes, stalactite. Well, now he tried everything (literally).


Cameron Diaz and her jubilant friends Christina Applegate and Selma Blair, are in a restaurant and talk about… well mostly they talk about male geitalia. And then… “You’re too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here” sings Diaz, on a melody of “I’m too se*y” by Right Said Fred. Soon everyone from restaurant jump up and start to sing, what it looks like an ode to pe**s. Well now…

7. xXx (2002)

Modern version of 007, Vin Diesel is in bad situation. While he exits restaurant in Prague a hidden sniper shoots at him. And then… Extreme sports solution, tray instead of snowboard. There, there Vin…


Great begining of Victor Salva movie. Two kids are harassed by a mysterious man with a hat that drives a black van. And then… Salva shows what he thinks of movie audience, he thinks they have amnesia. Man with the hat was first run over by car, revived and then flys to the air as a giant bat. And he doesn’t explain that in part two. Stupid.

9. SIGNS (2002)

Master of suspense, M. Night Shyamalan carefully keeps tension up as family of Mel Gibson is facing alien threat. And then… Mel discovers that aliens can be killed by… a glass of water? Which means that those genius aliens, with advanced civilization, decided to colonize planet that is 2/3 under water. And what would happen when it starts to rain?

10. THE POSTMAN (1997)

Things are not looking good for Costner’s post-apocalyptic career as a postman. Psychotic Will Patton is about to shoot him. And then… Kevin calms situation down with Shakespeare citation: “Now is the winter of our discontent.” “You are not bad.” – says crying Patton. Kevin lives. Corollary: Stupid survived apocalypse.

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  1. I with no doubt love Mel Gibson for acting so genius in Mad Max!

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